Check out our amazing Magic Mirror packages! All of these packages include one of our lovely mirror attendants who along with the Magic Mirror will provide some amazing entertainment at any event! Our new mirror has some of the latest technology which enables it to interact with customer!  The magic mirror will enable up to 8 guests to squeeze in for a quick snap. Not only can you then instantly upload your image to social media our high quality printer will print a copy for you to take home. We will also give the event organiser a USB with all of the images taken at the event!!

The Magic Mirror then comes with the option of some of our backdrops which will give a nice background look but not essential. The back drops can be floral, sparkly, plain or you can simply use the surroundings as your background.

All you need to do is tell us what you want for your event and we will do the rest. We can add your logo, design a bespoke template to suit your event and also select the number of images you would like on the prints. The magic mirror is perfect for anyone who is looking to make their event look glamorous but provide the guests with entertainment and memory of the night.


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