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Why choose Hampshire Photobooths?

So why should you choose Hampshire Photobooths as your photobooth provider? 

Firstly we have some of the most high tech equipment in the industry. This includes our camera which is a canon EOS 700D, enablin

g 4 crystal clear funky images. Our Fujifilm printer then prints the images onto paper within 30 seconds. It does this while the next guests are in the booth having their photos taken resulting in less queuing time, more photo's, more time at the bar and more partying! Another feature that we have is our new video messaging tool which enables guests to record a brief video message. This is a really nice touch at weddings as newlyweds can treasure short videos from all their guests congratulating them and wishing them good luck for the future. 

So apart from the technology, what else makes Hampshire Photobooths different. Well if you were to hire one of our Photobooths you will have the pleasure of meeting one of our young male directors whom will run the Photobooth at your event. Therefore you can enjoy the continuity of dealing with the same person throughout the whole process of booking the Photobooth to the running of the event. 

We also pride ourselves on providing a fantastic service for all of our guests and customers. We believe we are fun, enthusiastic people who ensure that everyone that uses one of our photobooths enjoys their experience. Our Facebook reviews back this up with many guests complimenting the service they received at their event. 

Another benefit of hiring a Hampshire Photobooth is the amazing props that come with the booth. We also ask customers if there is a specific theme to their event and if so we will bring props accordingly even if we have to buy new ones.  In addition to themed events, we also give guests the option of the style of prints they would like. This includes a variety colours and print styles. For example the couple in this photo were having a pink theme and requested a pink colour on their prints. 

These are just a couple of many reasons why you should hire a Photobooth from Hampshire Photobooths :) 

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