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Why a Photobooth has become the must have thing at any big event

Photobooths have become one of the key ingredients to any successful large event! Photobooths can be seen at weddings, parties, proms, corporate events, hen do's as well as within nightclubs, bars and pubs. 

The main reason for this is simply because photobooths are fun! Photobooths are no longer just used for the official passport photos you need, they brighten up any event bringing lots of fun to the party. Regardless of age, photo booths are enjoyed by everyone! The majority of people that use our photobooths are adults enjoying themselves at parties. However children to grandparents all get in on the fun by posing for silly photos and enjoying the snazzy prints that follow. All of our photobooth packages include a box of props including: funny wigs, glasses, outfits, hats plus much more.

Another reason to have a photobooth at an event is because it allows you to remember the night forever. All guests will leave an event with high quality prints in a design chosen by the event host. The host will also have the option of adding their own personal message to the prints. Hampshire Photobooths also have the option of producing multiple prints of the same photos meaning that guests can stick photos in a guestbook as well as take copies home for themselves. On top of this all photos will be uploaded to social media enabling guests to tag themselves and download any photos. 

Photobooths can fit any event, there are a variety of different skins to change the appearance of a booth to fit in with the style of the event. On top of this you can change the background of the images using a green screen as well as the style of the prints themselves.

Baring all this in mind its no wonder that Photobooths have become so popular and a must have at any large party/event!! 

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